Sexy Red Print Sweatpants

Sexy Red Print Sweatpants
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Sexy Red Print Sweatpants

This is a high-strength support of the pants, for the more intense movement not only support function, but also to give power and explosive power. In addition to supporting the knee, calf, hip joints and waist and abdomen, buttocks and thighs also increased the corresponding function of the rapid movement. Suitable for marathon, cross-country running, short-distance running, ball sports, aerobics, dynamic cycling, etc. joint activity needs of relatively large movement, but also suitable for sports more style. This design allows the thigh exercise more smooth, reduce muscle fatigue during exercise, buttocks firmly support the body, reduce the body load, more prominent hip curve.

l  Item: No. 1807

l Sexy Red Print Sweatpants

l Fashion high stretch hip Workout Pants with 360 Degree Stretch

l Mterial: 85% Polyester 15% Spandex

l Hand Wash or Professional Wash

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